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"I do wish the class had been presented to me decades before.  This class will save lives and needs to be in the state academy curriculum."  ~ Sgt. D. Kelly, Tacoma PD

"Great information on how to keep you, your people, and the community safe while mitigating risk & liability for your agency." ~ Sgt. M. Waters, Tacoma PD

"Great class.  Methodical and Logical.  Easy to remember strategy.  Great examples."

"A very good class.  A lot of good information I will take back to my department. ~ T. Wimmer

"Great class - Thank you! Good scenario overview; good group discussions; great information." ~ N. Draveling, Snoqualmie PD

"Good scenarios & group discussions; good reminders of reasonableness...really liked the topic of momentum.  Thank you!" ~ C. Smith, Snoqualmie PD

"Great class!  I very much appreciated the streamlining of patrol considerations into an easy to remember & teach formula."

"Being a new sergeant, this class will keep me motivated to be a strong leader & keep the crew thinking & up to speed.  The handout will help with the rest of patrol.  Great work!" ~ Sgt. M. Boehmer, Swinomish PD

"I have really enjoyed this class.  It is efficient in time management and broken down logically.  The material is informative."

"Loved the involvement of the class with the group scenarios."

"Good class!  Hit the goal of having a decision formula."

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